Our Photography Service

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Scotland's Artists offers an Artwork Photography service where we will come to your location to photograph your artwork for either making prints or for sending to Galleries/Exhibitions etc.

We use a Canon EOS 5D Mark11 digital SLR camera with a Canon 50mm f1.4 macro lens to give high quality images. All images are taken in RAW format and post processed to ensure accurate colour.

Artwork is photographed best in as dark an environment as possible to avoid unwanted light or refections. 2 high powered studio flash lamps illuminate the picture with either a softbox or reflector attached to each. The use of filters enable the shooting of paintings behind glass to eliminate reflections.

A 570 patch reference card is photographed to profile the camera accurately to each location and lighting setup ensuring as close a colour match as possible.

A full set of post processed images are supplied in full size (for printing) and a selection of reduced sizes for sending to galleries/exhibitions etc.

Our Charges

Our prices start from £60 for the first picture and £20 for each subsequent picture.

This price includes an A4 proof, a Digital copy of each picture/s on CD/DVD in jpg format, (at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% sizes) and travel within 30 miles of Kilmarnock.

Travel outwith this range will be charged at 30pence per mile.

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