Buckhaven Beehive Gallery

Buckhaven Beehive Gallery

Light, airy, large, picture hanging boards, space

A wonderful venue for any artist or group of artists to show their work. Large, high ceiling venue with 20 sets of picture hanging white boards. Great light. Get in touch for specific details.

The Beehive is a charitable organisation which will operate as a social enterprise and is committed to providing individuals with opportunities to be involved in a diverse range of creative activities.

Working together with the community, local and national organisations we are raising awareness of the skills and talents that already exist within our communities.

We are about developing projects and programmes that will enable people to share their talents and skills as well as providing expertise for those wishing to learn.

We are about challenging the elitism that exists within the arts to ensure that everyone's creativity is acknowledged and celebrated.


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  • www.buckhavenbeehive.org
  • 01592 654017 / 01592 591248


16 College Street




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  • Varied times, depending on what events are going on at the moment

Current Exhibition at Buckhaven Beehive Gallery

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