Creative Arts Gallery

Creative Arts Gallery

The home of exceptional contemporary artwork and luxury items.

We aim to bring more of the art gallery experience on-line, allowing you to browse the work of some of Scotlandís most talented artists, designers and makers selected by Jo Taylor, the Founder. On-line you can browse 24 hours per day from the comfort of your own home.

Promoting contemporary art with a Scottish bias, each painting, drawing or mixed media work on our website is a truly unique and exclusive work of art, to add distinction to your home or corporate collection. Browse and you will find a superb mix of landscape, figurative, still life and abstract art from both renowned and emerging artists.

Explore our world of 3D Art and let your imagination go, marvel at the use of materials, wood with its warmth and natural hues, bronze with its colour and patina, the form and fluidity of the glasswork and the precious metals and exquisite works in gold and silver.

Since time immemorial, fine jewellery has been seen as a status symbol and an expression of personal taste. Our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces offers ample choice for those wishing to express themselves in this way.

The Creative Arts Gallery is pleased to showcase some of its work at The Glasshouse, Edinburgh.

More at, www.creativeartsgallery.com


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