Fyne Studios

Fyne Studios

Fyne Studios has now pheonixed into ' the Hidden gallery'.

Our work expresses the emotional aspect of the wild and rugged Scottish landscape along with the ever changing weather and dramatic lighting that is only in the West side of Scotland. We are proud to say that we are indebted to the Scottish Colourists and Joan Eardley.

Don McNeil's Studio
Don prefers to work outside, and, by setting himself a time limit, he seeks to bring about an emotional charge and expression of being Scottish through physical gesture.

Jean Bell's Studio
Jean, on the other hand, prefers to experience the landscape while walking, (although she quite likes the challenge of working outside as well) and works later in her studio using images and impressions of what she has seen.


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Current Exhibition at Fyne Studios

Don McNeil - Don

Don McNeil - Don's Rock

Ongoing at Fyne Studios

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