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You do not need to have us produce your prints (though we would love to do so) to be able to sell on our website. If you have your own printed elsewhere then just acknowledge this on the form below.

Where you would like us to produce your print please fill in as much of the information in the form as possible. Also to produce a good quality print we require the best possible image you can supply.

As always there are no setting up costs and only a 20% commission on any sales plus printing costs where applicable. We do not 'Stock' any prints from images you send but wait for an order to be received and then the print is produced and sent directly to the buyer. If an option to have the print signed by the artist is offered then the print is sent to them first for signing and then sent on to the buyer.

All Giclée prints are guaranteed lightfast for over 100 years.

About the Artist & Artwork

About the Print

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What we ask

  • About the Artist and Artwork

    Name*: Forname & Surname
    email*: Primary method of contact
    Medium/s*: Medium used in the original artwork
    Picture Title*: Self explanatory
    Size of original*: To give buyer an idea of original artworks size.
    About the Artwork*: Some interesting information about the painting.

    Price/s*: The price you would like to sell your prints at. If more than one size offered include price for each size.

  • About the Print.

    Size*: Indicate size/s required/available
    Border*: min border sizes
    Paper type*: Matte, Glossy, Canvas
    Limited*: Is this print to be part of a limited edition? If so please include maximum number.
    Who Supplies the Print?*: Scotland's Artists or by the Artist themselves.
    Signed by Artist*: Is the print to be signed by the artist (yes/no)
    Other Information*: Anything else you would like to add
    For Scotland's Artists to print please supply the best quality image possible. Where artist has their own prints a good quality image is requested, >100kB