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Don McNeilDon McNeil

After interest from several members we have decided to make available the option to sell your Original Artwork on Scotland's Artists.

We understand that your artwork may be currently at Exhibition or with a Gallery or being sold through other agents. We do not ask for exclusive rights to sell rather that if you do decide to advertise with us that if your artwork has sold elsewhere that we are quickly informed so that it may be removed from the site.

As always there are no setting up costs and only a 20% commission on any sales. The artist is responsible for packing and delivery. Please include these costs in the price the artwork is to be advertised for sale at. (we offer free UK delivery). Overseas buyers will be advised of additional costs.

Any sale received will be confirmed with the artist before completion of order.

About the Artist

About the Artwork

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What we ask & Why

  • About the Artist

    Name*: Forname & Surname.
    email*: Primary method of contact.
    Medium/s*: General information.

    Header*: A short description about you. 20 - 150 characters.

  • About the Artwork.

    Picture Title*: General information.

    Year Painted*: Information.
    Size of original*: General information.

    Price*: Price to be sold at. Please include UK carriage costs in this price. Overseas buyers will be asked to pay additional costs and Insurance.
    About the Artwork*: Some interesting information about the painting.

    Packing & Dispatch*: Give details of how your Artwork will be packed and Dispatched.
    Other Information*: Anything else you would like to add.
    Please supply up to 3 images of your artwork.
    Full size*, closeup and if possible hanging on a wall. min size >100kB each