Ealasaid Gilfillan - Montages, depicting inner lives, literary allusions, and mysterious landscapes

An Tarbh, the bull
A' Ghlas Meur, the fingerlock
Colainn gun cheann, the headless ghost, the body without a head
Maol Donn, the round brown thing
The Forest


Ealasaid Gilfillan

Ealasaid Gilfillan has been working seriously on montage artwork for ten years. Her inspirations include the Weimar German photomontage of Hannah Höch and Höch's contemporaries. Ealasaid's images are small and intense, using found images to create "jewel-like" worlds.

Ealasaid makes montages by hand, using traditional techniques. She cuts up, with scissors, paper images and parts of these from printed source materials; she then combines and rearranges these on card as a completely new picture, and finally, she glues the paper pieces into position.

Ealasaid grew up in the Highlands and has lived for many years in Fife.

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  • Mixed media: paper and card


  • Outside Scotland


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Recent Exhibitions

Hear the Nation, Corn Exchange, Cupar, Fife; June, 2014

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The images which you see here were created for a CD booklet, evoking imaginative worlds of story and landscape.

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