Anne Keith - I'm a digital artist working in Adobe Illustrator cc

Duck Eigg2 - Slate and Stone - 150cm x 40cm - AI - 2019
Grey North Sea - Long Shore Drift - A1 - 2019
Harperigg Orange and Slate - A1 - 2019
Ord Dam2 Mustard and Teal - A1 - 2019
Grass - 80cm x 60cm - AI - 2019


Anne Keith

I am a digital artist working from my own studio in Aberdeenshire.
I have always drawn and painted mainly in water colour but also creating monotype screenprints using procion dyes.
I always thought that art would be my chosen career path. However, my career took an IT route and I became Computer Support Manager at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service for Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland. Little did I know then that it would be technology and my computing knowledge and skills that would eventually bring me back to art and drawing and painting that I loved.
In 2004 I started up my own company Illustrate. And for the last 15 years my work has mainly been drawing geological diagrams using the vector software Adobe Illustrator. Parallel to this I decided to re-draw all my original artwork using Illustrator. I found I could achieve a distinct contemporary edge. Landscape and skies mesmerise me.
Colour is of the utmost importance in my work. I spend a considerable time mixing colour. To me colour conveys the mood and emotion of a painting - to me it is the soul of a painting.
Observing the Scottish landscape - it is often colour that compels me to reproduce the image.

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As a member of the Aberdeen Artist Society and the Society of Scottish Artists I will be submitting to their future exhibitions.

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It has been said that digital art and digital painting is the medium of the future. In many online forums digital art and painting runs parallel to using canvas, brush and paint. In the words of another digital artist "Nothing will replace the flow of water and pigment across a canvas or the texture of oil paint after it dries. It takes time to learn the tricks in order to be a successful artist. Just as much as it takes time to be proficient in digital painting".

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