Neil Cramond - Passionate about achieving realism in my paintings whether it's a portrait or a landscape

Amongst the Thistles - 16 x 20 - Oil on Canvas
Misty breath - A2 - Charcoal
Misty breath - A3 - Oil on Paper
Mountain View - A2 - Charcoal
Prince of the Forrest - A2 - Charcoal


Neil Cramond

As a child I always had a sketch pad in hand and would happily spend hours drawing, copying things that interested me. This has flowered into a passion for painting that I hope is reflected in my work. I Specialise in commissions of portraits of people and their pets.

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  • Oil paint, pastels, and charcoal


  • Strathclyde


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My work has been spread by word of mouth in local area and I feel I need to reach a wider audience.

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