Tara Dalgleish - 33 year old Watercolour Illustrator and Portrait artist, Vet Surgeon, and Mum

Bear in the Moonlight - Watercolour - A5
Bear Meets the Fish - Watercolour - A5
Bear and the Blueberries - Watercolour - A5
My Son, Watercolour - Postcard
Engagement - Watercolour - A4


Tara Dalgleish

Tara began painting with watercolours as a stress-relieving hobby while on maternity leave with her youngest son. She started out mainly doing portraits of her children, but recently has finally felt that she has developed her 'style' which is very illustrative. Tara harbours a secret desire to illustrate children's books (or maybe even make her own!).

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  • Watercolour


  • Lothian


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