Sharon MacDonald - Traditional painter

Montmorillon, France - Acrylics
Winter Borzois - Acrylics
West Coast, Scotland - Acrylics
La Minitre, France - Acrylics
Montmorillon, France - Acrylics


Sharon MacDonald

Graduate glasgow school of art, 1976,painting seascape, landscape ,all nature , portraits. Taught art at college, night school but mostly painting for exhibiting in Scotland and France.living in south france, had solo exhibition last year, south of bordeaux.now painting exploring the colours and the light in the countryside, rural france and its charms.

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Art news...I had a successful exhibition in October, 2015, in Trebes, a little French town near Carcassonne in the south of France. It ran for one month, and the local art enthusiasts were very helpful and friendly, I felt most welcome and my work was well received. I hope to have another exhibition in the spring of this year, in the south.In La TesteDe Buche, Gironde, one week exhibition in July.

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