Tina Harrison - I paint under the name 'PictiArt' from the Roman word for the ancient Picts.

Blue Tit Chick - Watercolour
Mystic Warrior - Background Tea Wash and Watercolours
Masquerade - Background Tea Wash and Watercolours
Hurt - Watercolours
Benevolence - Background Tea Wash and Watercolours and Pencil


Tina Harrison

I'm an amateur artist who has discovered a previously unknown passion for painting since moving to the Highlands of Scotland, a place I fell in love with many years ago. My partner thinks my body has been invaded by the spirit of an unfulfilled artist that lived in our wee cottage. Whatever spirit is compelling me to paint and create it has given me a whole new lust for life. It's fast becoming an obsession that I have to drag myself away from to visit the kitchen and feed us both. I have had no formal training. I'm just on a wonderful journey.

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