Maggie Graham - Mother of three and grandmother of six, my interest in art took off rather late in life

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Pressure Pointe
Hamish Miller
Wild Flower Meadow
Mighty Torra fue the Trossachs


Maggie  Graham

Smitten by art from an earlier age, I was always a doodler, sketching and scribbling images I could see or those conjured up from my imagination. My first recollection as a child was sitting on garden slabs chalking over shadows of flowers cast before me. Regardless of being exposed to art, into adulthood my artistic journey trundled along as a hobby and was never encouraged or considered as a legitimate career option.

However, as fate would have it I fell into an academic research career, which allowed me the opportunity to examine eminent, and not so eminent art galleries across the globe. The experience not only developed my understanding and appreciation of art, it stimulated in me a desire to become an artist. Hence, when a lucrative voluntary redundancy opportunity presented itself in 2008, I immersed myself in art to learn more about it through academic and recreational study, to explore and develop my own ideas about art and to interact and discuss art with like minded people.

In my early work composition themes have been fairly broad, which I have created using a range of medium spanning watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, graphite and colour pencil. Trying to achieve meticulous perfection I have tended to have more than one eye on the rules of compositional and conceptual theory. However, as I progress I am battling between the urge to loosen up and explore more abstract interpretations against and the more forceful option to continue as I am and let fate take its course.

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Currently exposure is limited to local community art club exhibitions at the Lillie Art Gallery and online galleries of various clubs and societies.

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