Liz McGraw - Pastels and other media

Curiosity - Pastel Drawing
The Tim'rous Beastie - Pastel Drawing
The Three Sisters - Acrylic Painting
Fox in the Thistles - Pastel Drawing
Meg's Mettle - Pencil


Liz McGraw

Born in Glasgow in the 60's I have always loved drawing and painting. As a teacher I have enjoyed inspiring the artistic expression of young people but have not always had time to explore my own abilities.
I am now rediscovering my own passion for art and am embarking on a new adventure.
I take my inspiration from the animals I love, in particular the horses which have long been a part of my life, and from the richness of Scotland's scenery and culture.

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  • Pastels, Acrylic, Pencil, Ink


  • Strathclyde


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