Gwen Dean - Felt artwork inspired by the UK's fantastic wildlife and beautiful landscapes

Bothy in the Glen - Needle Felt Artwork - 42 by 32 cm
Highland Cow - Needle Felt Artwork - 47 by 31cm
Brown Hare - Needle Felt Artwork - 34 by 26 cm
Rabbit and Flowers - Needle Felt Artwork - 35 by 27 cm
Cottage on the Shore - Needle Felt Artwork - 34 by 34 cm


Gwen Dean

I'm an ecologist and a mother to a wonderful, silly, funny, serious, occasionally grumpy, loving and surprisingly loud three year old boy.

As an ecologist, I have a keen interest in the natural world and am constantly amazed by the beauty and variety of landscapes we have in the UK. I am particularly drawn to the more rugged landscapes within Scotland, where I live; and Wales, where I was born.

I have always enjoyed art and have recently discovered felting, through which I am combining my enjoyment of creating something new with my appreciation for our fantastic wildlife and beautiful scenery.

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  • Merino Wool, Wool Nepps, Wool Locks


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