Neil McNaughton - A Self taught Artist from the Scottish Highlands

St Nectan's Glen - Oil on Canvas - 2017 - 20 x 16 ins
Foyers Falls and Gorge - Oil on Canvas - 2017 - 40 x 12 ins
Clinical Eddy - Oil on Canvas - 2015 - 40 x 12 ins
A New Dawn - Oil on Canvas - 2007 - 30x20 ins
Corrie - Oil on Canvas - 2008 - 20x16 ins


Neil McNaughton

I am a self taught artist. I started with sketches and pencil work before I progressed on to the brushes. I first discovered my love for painting while living in Shetland Islands. The majority of my paintings are oil on canvas. I have experimented with different styles and techniques over the years. I concentrate a lot on the light in my work to create mood, feelings and movement. Living in the Scottish Highlands on the Shore's of Loch Ness I'm inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounds me.The majority of my paintings are landscapes and imaginary scapes. As part of my imaginary landscapes I have a set of "Cave Scenes" which have been done over the last 12 years.

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  • Oil on Canvas


  • Fife


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