Alison Cruickshank - Alisons artwork

This is oil on canvass board painted recently from a stock photograph
This is a pencil drawing on cartridge paper done in 2015 as a commission
Morgan - Oil paint on oil paper 2015
Scratch an Itch - Pastel on Velour - Framed - From a photograph by Karen Broemsick, Photo's for Artists 2015 - 35" x 27"
Liberation - Oil on Box Canvas - 35ins x 35ins - 2016


Alison Cruickshank

I am a self taught artist, it is mostly a hobby but I have reached a stage where I have a ridiculous amount of artwork in the house. I have done commissions in the past and enjoy the challenge of getting it just right. I am a member of my local Art club and my painting was voted third place by the public this year.

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Falkirk and District Art Club May 16

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