Lainey Beatson - Lainey's Artworks - Splatter painting and animal portraits

King Of The Glen - Acrylic - 2016 - 50 x 50cm
Lemon Liquorice - Acrylic - 2016 - 50 x 50cm
Otterly Hilarious - Acrylic - 2016 - 40 x 30cm
Puppy Love - Acrylic - 2016 - 40 x 30cm
Diesel-Pet Portrait - Acrylic - 2016 - 40 x 40cm


Lainey Beatson

Down at Lainey's Artworks there is a love to paint and to paint messy! Creating bright and colourful paintings of various subjects mostly consisting of animals, but there is a deep love for guinea pigs so these feature heavily! Currently Lainey is working on a 'splatter' style where messy brush strokes and bright coloured acrylics are used with heavy marks to create atmospheric paintings. She loves the way the colours jump off the page and how the paintings come alive with all the 'splatters' around them. It suits her well as she usually works fast and enjoys seeing these paintings come together.

Lainey does also like to slow things down taking a controlled approach, she applies this to her pet portraits. With a love of getting right into a painting and sitting for hours putting in the tiny fine details that makes these pets who they are to their owners.

Although Lainey's current work mostly consists of fine art paintings, she has studied both fine and digital art and wants to continue to branch more into the digital world. Creating fantasy artwork with Photoshop and she hopes to share these with you in the future.

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Open Studios Ayrshire - Preview Event -Rozelle House Ayr - Jan 2016
Open Studios Ayrshire - Weekend Event - April 2016
Stage Door, Ayr Gaiety - June 2016
Many Thanks Mauchline - Aug 2016

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