Robert Pereira Hind - Gold Leaf Fine Art

Acer Pseudoplatanus - Gold leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment - 2016 - A3
Arboretum Autumn - Gold leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment - 2016 - A3
Arboretum Spring - Gold leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment - 2016 - A3
Arboretum Summer - Gold leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment - 2016 - A3
Arboretum Winter - Gold leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment - 2016 - A3


Robert Pereira Hind

I'm an artist photographer living in Edinburgh. I studied an BA & an MA in Photography at the London College of Communication. I found inspiration for the gold leaf 'Out of Eden' series when in Thailand and saw how beautiful religious iconographic is when it's covered in gold.

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  • Gold Leaf Metal, Photographic Ink Pigment


  • Lothian


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Recent Exhibitions

2016 - Spring Show, Sutton Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh.
2015 - Permanent collection, Laurel Gallery, St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh
2014 - Arboretum, Solo Show, Riseart Gallery, Gt Titchfield St, London.
2012 - 'The Falling,' Solo show, ECA Gallery, Edinburgh.
2012 - 'Gold Leaf Trees', Mixed Show, Flaubert Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
2008 - 'A Pattern Emerging', Mixed show, The Gallery, Stoke Newington. London.
2007 - 'Coast', Multi-Media Exhibition, Prize Winner, Arts Council for Wales.
2007 - 'Art of Imagination', Group Show, The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London.
2006 - 'I Love Hackney' Portraits, Solo show, Hackney Museum, Mare Street, London.
2005 - 'Stoke Newington and Beyond', Solo show, The Gallery, Stoke Newington. London.
1998 - The Summer Show. Mix Show, London Institute Gallery, London.
1995 - Royal Society of Arts, Summer show, The Mound Gallery, Edinburgh.
1994 - Bustamante Gallery, Mixed show, Soho Broadway, New York.
1993 - Archeus Gallery, Mixed Show, New Bond Street, London.

Other Information

An important element of my gold leaf work is that each piece is unique and, over the years, will tarnish and change in appearance. As the gold background oxidises it will become more atmospheric and characterful, like trees against a moody sky. I am both responding to the beauty of nature and questioning the nature of beauty. As someone who does not adhere to any kind of religious practice but regularly feels a sense of awe within the natural landscape it seems fitting to transform the humble tree into a secular icon.

I'm always on the lookout for trees that are both visually striking and relatively isolated. These are not as common as you would expect! I wait for a day with light cloud, place a white backdrop behind the tree and photograph. When I get back at my computer I remove all trace of context. I then experiment with various arrangements and layouts to montage several trees into one picture, or leave the tree isolated on a gold leaf background.

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