Stevie The Fixer - "Somewhere over the rainbow weigh a pie"

Ship Shape - exploring the 2 fluid mediums that vessels interact with and the shape of the parts that work in them.
Having whistled in quietly from the east, XM612 is seen throttling up, roasting air and throwing it out the back while.
Having made pigs fly for "Modern Democracy" I thought they would be competitive critters and want to hold a race like this.
My cutaway view of what is inside those driers that only waft a tiny amount of barely warm air at our hands
Look at it closely when it is a full moon - you never know!


Stevie The Fixer

Retired early in 2014 and took up painting for the first time in addition to many other activities

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  • Acrylic, Watercolour, Pencil


  • Fife


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  • This artist does not currently have Original Artwork or Prints for sale with Scotland's Artists

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Because of a no-show from the usual exhibitors I stepped in with several works at Artline Fife 2016

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Other hobbies include spannering cars and bikes, fixing things including computers and tech, model-making and trying out crazy ideas.

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