John Picken - Real places create memories

Ramsay Gardens in Edinburgh - 40.5cm x 50.5cm - Acrylic - 2013
Hospital Tower, Edinburgh Castle - 24cm x 34cm - Acrylic - 2014
A memory of days in Venice - 80cm x 60cm-Acrylic - 2015
Angus Fields - 16cm x 16cm - Mixed Media - 2015
Cambo Mist - 24.5cm x 34.5cm - Mixed Media - 2015


John Picken

Originally from Glasgow John trained at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (Glasgow School of Art) and practiced in Tayside until 2011 when he left his architectural practice to spend the majority of his time creating art. John is a member of the Scottish Society of Architect Artists and Dundee Art Society. A passion for places underlies John's work and his distinctive style explores a curvilinear, cubistic approach to the representation of landscape.

The grain and texture of built and natural forms informs the use of colour, light and shade. Specific light conditions and many viewpoints are recorded on site for later use in the studio, the aim of the completed work being to convey the experience of place.

In addition to his landscape studies John's work has recently expanded its scope to include sculptures in wood, stone and clay.John works in several mediums in his studio in Longforgan and having been a successful professional designer for over thirty years welcomes the discipline of commissioned work.

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  • Acrylic and oil pastel


  • Tayside

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Recent Exhibitions

Dunkeld Art Exhibition
The Dundas Gallery, Edinburgh
The House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
International Exhibition of Architect Artists, Monastero dei Benedettini, Catania, Italy.
Botanic Gardens, Dundee
Xxii Esposizione Internazionale degli Architetti Artisti - Venice
78th Ligne et Couleur Exhibition - Paris
Streetscapes - a new perspective - solo exhibition Glasgow University

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