The Old Burrow - Drawings and watercolours that explore the realm of story - an invitation to delve into the imagination.

Mama Hug - 10cm x 10cm - Watercolour - 2015
Nearly Knight Time, - 11cm x 13cm - Watercolour
Silence is the Sound of Starlight - 13cm x 16cm - Watercolour
Troll Song - 17cm x 14cm - Watercolour
The Story Keepers - 15cm x 15cm app - Watercolour


The Old Burrow

I'm not sure if I know what imagination really is - I'm not sure that I know what reality is for that matter. But, somewhere beyond the mind there is a place that holds wonderous not-yet-somethings and if you can empty the mind for long enough, interesting and curious things fall into it.

I am mainly a self taught artist who has utterly failed to do something more 'sensible' with her life. I can't stop the creatures coming out of my pencil and I hope one day that a pencil will finish a book or two as well.

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  • Dumfries & Galloway


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When I'm not 'away with the fairies' I am also an holistic therapist and counsellor and am intrigued by the use of story as a healing entity.

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