Hazel McLean - Hazel McLean Artist

Unknown Woman - Charcoal - 2015
Sharman and the Fire Bird - Oils - 2015
Spirit Birds - Oils - 2015
Two Women - Oils - 2014
Fire Falls - Oils - 2014


Hazel McLean

Hazel McLean, raised in Scotland and Africa, currently lives in the heart of the East End of London. Her work shows both internationally and extensively in the South West of England.

McLean's works are two-fold: firstly she explores the human condition and form through various mediums and materials, expressing all aspects of emotions and sexuality; secondly she expresses her intense relationship with the earth and all it's living organisms through abstract-expressionism, sculpting mixed-media and oils with her hands, nails, snagged sheep's wool, wood, rags and occasionally a brush. There are hidden messages, signalling the cry of an eagle, musky scent of deer and the emotive impact of being lost alone for over 10 hours in the wilderness, are held, splashed and dragged within these forms, intensifying the tone of each painting.

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  • Mixed Medium prefers Oils


  • Outside Scotland


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McLean has works published in different forms of media, including Earth Pathways 2012 and the artwork for the cult stage act The Las Vegas Mermaids. Commissions are undertaken and her work is privately collected.

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