Allan Wood - Anything but oils, anywhere, anytime, any subject

Eileen Donan - Acrylic on canvas - 40ins x 40ins
The Passion - Acrylic on canvas - 24ins x 18ins
Mask - Mixed Media on Canvas - 22ins x 14ins
My Mum - Watercolour on Paper - 30ins x 24ins
Pocahontas - Acrylic on Board - 18ins x 12ins
Four Pigeons - Acrylic on Canvas - 40ins x 40ins
On Golden Pond - Acrylic on Canvas - 40ins x 40ins
Transition - Acrylic on Canvas - 40ins x 40ins
El Phantom - Mixed Media on Canvas - 22ins x 14ins
Wood for the Trees - Acrylic on Canvas - 18ins x 24ins
Ready for the Rut - Mixed Media on Canvas - 22ins x 14ins
Scarecrow - Acrylic on Canvas - 22ins x 14ins
Nessie Lives! Mixed Media on Canvas - 14ins x 22ins
The Perfect Storm - Acrylic on Canvas - 40ins x 40ins
Toxic Beach - Acrylic on Canvas - 24ins x 36ins
Yellophant - Mixed Media on Canvas - 22ins x 14ins
Red Deer - Mixed Media on Canvas - 14ins x 22ins
Stag Night - Mixed Media on Canvas - 14ins x 22ins
Cherished Moments - Mixed Media on Paper - 18ins x 12ins
Tree Nymphs - Mixed Media on Paper - 24ins x 16ins


Allan Wood

Having developed an interest in art from an early age, probably finger painting like most of us, I retained this interest through the learning years and then drifted in and out of art over half a century. Key 'in' periods were several years in the Middle East at which time I concentrated on Pastels and Arab folklore as inspiration. The following years saw a short period dabbling in Chinese Art, which was fun. Then a couple of decades ago a tenuous link with the John Bell school of art in Scotland encouraged me to concentrate on equine art, primarily working in water colours with a bit of mixed media thrown in for good measure. I then spent several years in Ireland where not only my subject boundaries were expanded, but also my interests developed to include acrylics, mixed media, pen and ink and occasionally glass paint. They say, one man's art is another man's toilet paper. There is no doubt the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder. Having been through the obligatory 'commissions' phase I now prefer to paint what I want, not what others want, this way I am only answerable to myself. I have works in private collections in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the USA with works presently on show in galleries in Scotland.

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After half a century I still have not found my 'style', I tend to drift somewhere between 'fine art' and anything that isn't fine art. I have not quite reached the stage of throwing paint at the canvas, however, I can see the fun side of experimenting and the satisfaction of creating a 'work' that anyone else likes, if they like it enough to hang it on their wall then that is a great rush and an incentive to carry on dabbling. There are good artists and there are very good artists, there are no bad artists. I firmly believe anyone can become an artist, they just need to take their first step, many folks say 'I couldn't do that', of course you can, just try.

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