Sharon Griggs - Botanical Original Art

Cyclamen in Coloured Pencil
Pears in Coloured Pencil
Apples with leaves in Coloured Pencil
Strawberry in Coloured Pencil
Lavender in Coloured Pencil


Sharon Griggs

I am a Scottish artist and have recently studied Botanical Illustration at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Having grown up in East Lothian countryside and now living in Lanark surrounded by the Clyde Valley, I have been inspired by the vast array of colours, textures and the detail of plants and flowers around me at home and on my travels. I have found that capturing the intricacies of the plant world, using professional oil based coloured pencil, perfectly suit my love of strong bold, shimmering colour and attention to detail. I hope to create pieces that look as though the subject can be lifted from the paper, often larger than life, often with subtle hidden meaning, encouraging the viewer to look at the beauty and magic of nature around them.

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  • Professional Coloured Pencil


  • Strathclyde


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Recent Exhibitions

Edinburgh MacMillan Art Exhibition 2017
Biggar Botanical Art Exhibition 2017
Bass Rock Gallery 2017
Laurel Gallery 2016
Dawyk Royal Botanic Garden 2018
Biscuit Factory Newcastle 2016

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