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The Long & The Short (#1)
Zeitgeist #15
Zeitgeist #25
Snap Back Girl
Pair of Apples


Claire Cordiner

Although I'm a qualified lawyer, I've had a deep interest in art from a young age, and studied art and design throughout my school years. At present, I'm also studying towards an MSc in marketing, as well as art direction in advertising at Central Saint Martins. Throughout my work and studies, I've always turned to paints and pencils as a means of release. Creativity is something that runs in my family (my mum is an art school graduate, my grandfather was an architect and my sister is an architect) and I find that it comes naturally to me.

I don't have a favourite subject matter, but I love to capture a characterful face or charming scenery on canvas, and I'm also particularly excited by vibrant colours and fashion. More recently, my work has become more focused on portraiture and figure drawing, through which I aim to convey the spirit of the tweny-first century. I also like to mix a sense of humour into my pallet whenever I can.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums - from acrylic and oil paints to pastels and pencils. My surroundings are my main source of inspiration, but I can often be found strolling around art galleries, or browsing all forms of media during my spare time, in search of new ideas.

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  • Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pencil, Pastel, Charcoal


  • Scotland


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