Margherita Muller - Figurative abstract

Arc Welding in Troon
Doggie in Troon on Lime Wood
Kelvinside Pup
Jane Eyre


Margherita Muller

I was born in Italy and I lived mainly in Anzio during winter, spending the summer in Mougins, France - with my grandmother. My father was a perfumer (a 'nose' as they were called) who worked in the nearby town of Grasse. After much to-ing and fro-ing between Italy and France I travelled to Scotland on holidays for a couple of years, until I became persuaded that this was the place where I wanted to live and paint.

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  • Mixed Media


  • Scotland

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Recent Exhibitions

Crosshouse Hospital January 2015 (working title: Dogs and Walks)

Wasps Open Days October 2014

Reborn - Biblocafe, Woodlands Road, Glasgow - 2004

Collective - Biblocafe, Woodlands Road, Glasgow - 2005

Wasps Open Days: 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014

Volare all'Alba - White Bear Club, Via dei Cappellari - Rome. Large paintings and collages on fabric, with light and music show, 2000

Chemical Works - Sword and Crown Gallery - Photographic Exhibition of my experiments, synthetic foams sculpted in acids and solvents. 1999

Forme Transitorie - Knulp Gallery - Nettuno - Italy 1997

Onda - Caffe' del Borgo Jazz Club, Nettuno - Italy - 1996

Mostra Collettiva al Borgo, Nettuno - Italy 1994. Open Air Exhibition in the medieval town

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