Jessamy Kelly - Mediums of Blown/Kiln cast Glass and Slip cast Pottery

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Jessamy Kelly

I am a designer-maker working mainly in the mediums of glass and ceramics. The transparency/ translucency of the materials and their reaction to light intrigues me, the way light passes through to reveal an inner luminosity inspires me to use these mediums in my sculptural artworks.

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Recent Exhibitions

'The Northern Perpective in Glass' SGS 25th Annual Exhibition 10/04
'Lustre', Tullie House, Carlisle 11/04 - 12/04
'Fusion' SGS 26th Annual Exhibition, Strathearn

Other Information

Based on the hand crafted sensitivity of craft practice; my work is inspired by organic and naturally repeating forms. Minimal amounts of cutting are used working with the simplicity of the form to create a soft sensitive aesthetic. Diamond cutting and sandblasting machinery is used to sculpt the pieces. My work shows balance, precision and great delicacy.

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