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David Munroe Art

I'm a Scottish abstract and animal artist, Based in Glasgow.

All my work is inspired by nature and the environment and I'm especially inspired in my abstract paintings to try to portray surfaces and textures that have been manipulated and affected by the elements of nature, Like the abandoned structures of old factories where the metal fecade has been warped and coloured by the heat of the sun or the saltwater of the ocean manipulating and changing the textures of driftwood.

In my animal paintings, I try to bring in some elements of abstract painting while describing the beauty and uniqueness of the creatures, I hope you like them.

Please feel free to contact me.

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Recent Exhibitions

An Intimate Exhibition - The Chancery, Liverpool 7th - 8th March 2017

GUVMA Glasgow Vet School Annual Rodeo 2014

Other Information

My Abstract series focuses on trying to show the beauty found in the every day world especially when nature and the environment have an influence, Whilst My Above th Earth Collection is a series of paintings that are inspired by the unique and complex beauty of the planets surface, when viewed from above, Including the deserts, seas and other amazing areas of the globe.

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