Ken O'Hara - Icon Portraits and Landscapes

Clint - Acrylic - Print available only
Bluesman John Lee Hooker - Acrylic - 60 x 35 approx
Johnny - Acrylic - Print Available only
Rozelle Reflections - 40 x 30cm approx
Arran - Acrylic - Print Available only
Every Cloud - Acrylic - 45cm x 33cm
Rozelle Autumn Light - Acrylic - 50cm x 30cm
Rufus - Acrylic - 60cm x 40cm
Johnny Cash - Acrylic - 75cm x 52cm
Maidens' Sunset - Acrylic - 40cm x 29cm
Pacino - Acrylic - 50cm x 45cm
Siren l Marilyn - Acrylic - 21cm x 30cm
Siren ll Sophia - Acrylic - 21cm x 30cm
Siren lll Brigette - Acrylic - 21cm x 30cm
After Vermeer Girl With A Pearl Earring - Acrylic - 30cm x 40cm


Ken O

Ken is a self-employed actor, musicain/singer and artist. He creates images of music and movie icons and landscapes. With the icons, he attempts to capture an essence of the person and often presents a variety of images in the one portrait. With landscapes, he is interested in light and how it plays with perspective and shadow, inviting the observer into the painting.

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  • Strathclyde


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Recent Exhibitions

Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine 2011
Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2012
ArtatCroy (included in) 2013
Harbour Arts Centre

7th August -28th September 2015

STAGEDOOR Restaurant: March -April 2016
ArtatCroy (included in) 14th May 2016

Other Information

Ken is a retired Depute Head Teacher and lives in Prestwick with his wife Carolyn.

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