Michael Jessing - Painter and illustrator of myths and organic abstractions

Lunar Way - 16ins x16ins - Egg tempera - 2010
Through Way - 24ins x 18ins - Oil - 2011
Free Way - 24ins x 36ins - Oil - 2011
Sworld - 12ins x 12ins - Pastel - 2012
Gardin In - 18ins x 24ins - Charcoal - 2012


Michael Jessing

Michael Jessing was born in New York City, 1953. His paintings and graphics based on allegorical themes (commentaries on contemporary issues set in mythological contexts) and OrganicScapes have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States and the United Kingdom. Jessing has also worked on commissions for murals and icons in Scotland along with teaching art at the Gala Resource Centre, Gallashiels. He currently has a studio in Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

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  • oil paints and graphic medium


  • Borders


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Recent Exhibitions

2011 Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle -'Selections from the Book of Psalms'
Labour Club, Prestonpans - 'Labour' Mural

2010 Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle -'Selections from the Book of Psalms'

2009 Wells Cathedral, Wells - 'elections from the Book of Psalms'

2008 York Minster Library, York - 'Selections from the Book of Psalms'
Chichester Cathedral, Chichester - 'Selections from the Book of Psalms'

2007 London Centre for Spirituality - 'Icons by Michael Jessing'

2006 St. Peter's, Peebles - 'Procession of Angels' Mural

2004 St. John's, Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality - 'Psalms and Icons'

2002 St. Giles, Oxford - 'Selections from the Book of Psalms'

2000 Carie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York

1995 Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr - 'Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing'

1994 Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries - 'Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing'

1993 Queen's Hall, Edinburgh - 'Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing'

1987 Canton Art Institute, Ohio - 'Urban Allegories by Michael Jessing'

Other Information

Selected References: Susan Gillingham - Psalms through the Centuries - Blackwell, 2008
London Link - 'Jessing's Powerful Parables' - November 1996
The List - 'Urban Allegories' - February 1993

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