Karen M Denwette - Acrylic, Mixed Media, on canvas to Mural & Door Art

Waiting on the number 13 - 13ins x 32ins - Acrylic on Box Canvas
Long Walk Home From School - 13ins x 32ins - Acrylic on Box Canvas
Mont Saint Michel
St Andrews Harbour
Wemyss Seals
The Poppy Field
Dug in the Boat at Crail
Sunrise in Culross
Ruby Bay
Ainster Puffins
Backpacking with Daddy
Try a Little Tenderness
Wild Mountain Thyme
Summer Holidays
Ower the Fence Blethering
Kith an' Kin
Happy Days


Karen M Denwette

Scotlands, West Wemyss Artist, Karen M Denwette, has, through her paintings and composition, found her own unique voice and is prepared to shout it from the rooftops. Her truly inspired and individual style, her usages of materials, many of which have been gathered from Fife's Natural Coastline, her application of colour and texture, enable her to express her thoughts and feelings of the world, in all of its vibrancy.

My most recent work (2017) draws from my own life, growing up in modern day, working class, Scotland. Born in the 1970s, I grew up partly within a new town and partly in a typical Scottish village. I now live in West Wemyss, a beautiful, picturesque, seaside village with my dog.

Now also doing door and wall mural/art and most recently asked to do my first book cover for a book which is ready to go to print. All enquiries welcome, all requests considered.

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  • Acrylic, Mixed Media


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Recent Exhibitions

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland Aug-Nov 9th 2019
ONFife is supporting local artist Karen Denwette with the provision of exhibition space in the Adam Smith Theatre Café.
'My Scotland' opens on Friday 30th August and runs until Saturday 9th November

Karen's exhibition is made up of acrylic paintings which she's been working on over the past couple of years. The works share experiences from the early years of her life. All proceeds from the sale of any paintings will be donated to local charities.
Karen lives in the lovely village of West Wemyss with her beloved Kori Boy, a twelve year old Cocker Spaniel. She describes herself as a forty something year old "Paint Splosher", the description of which really doesn't fit with her unique style and expressive portrayal of life.

Self-taught, Karen's life journey has had many ups and downs, much of which is reflected in her artwork. Chronic Health issues have required her to re-focus her thinking and change her career path and lifestyle. She has developed her artwork to meet those potentially negative challenges with creative positivity.

In her exhibition, she shares with her audience, many of her personal childhood and adult life experiences. She draws much of her inspiration from the Scottish landscape and from memories relating to her immediate family.

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A keen artist and volunteer, constantly looking for new challenges.

The pictures shown above are all available as prints. Contact the artist for more information.

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