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T Ralph Taylor

Ralph now resides in the Fife village of Inverkeithing, a short distance from the Forth Rail and Road Bridges, and from his birthplace of Rosyth.

Ralph settled in Fife in 2006, after some 40 years of residence in different places around Scotland, where he worked as a minister of religion and then as a teacher. He now paints as a vocation, and is inspired by the beauty of his surroundings - natural and structural.

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  • Mixed Media - Acrylic - Pastel


  • Fife


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Recent Exhibitions

Exhibits regularly in various eating places and Inns where he sells on a regular basis.

Other Information

Ralph has never been to art-school and has not received professional training. His work is organic and comes from his heart. He has a unique and insightful appreciation of his locale. He has a real love for the beautiful colours of the Scottish landscape. All this makes his work feel familiar yet stirring to the viewer.

pic_info1: As a life long lover of crosswords this painted played with my love of words and thoughts and philosophy. On the first level it hints at a crossword puzzle and the words that may have been used in the answer boxes. On a second level the words used are of games and angry, cross words. There is a play on the idea of how words can play on our senses. Such play with words and the realisation of where they are going always made me feel alive and happy, as do thoughts of summer sun and blossoms. There are further levels to this work, but I will leave the viewer to find those for themselves and enjoy the process.

pic_info2: There are times when a tune gets stuck in our head. We sing it off and on all day, or in my case for many days. While out running the song will be with me all the time. The surroundings seem to merge into the song and I find myself carried off into other places and times. So often these songs, tunes and moments find they're way onto the canvas. This is one such case in mind. The title comes from the first line of a well known song of the 60s. Dreams and thoughts and visions.

pic_info3: An abstract in acrylic that virtually painted itself. I had an idea of dreams and travels and far off places but when I Put the paint to work it had a mind of its own. It spoke to me as I painted it so I will say not more and offer it humbly to you.

pic_info4: This original Abstract Art was inspired by the coming of summer and the sights and sounds of working in my allotment. It is a very busy abstract but then this was painted at a time when gardens and gardeners were all busy working. Allotments have a very haphazard way about the and I have tried to capture that feeling and mood in what I hope is a cheerful abstract. Summer is also a time when we dream of future holidays and time away from home. I hope this abstract and its sub title achieves both of these thoughts.

pic_info5: This original Mixed Media Abstract artwork is yet another venture for me. Fo the first time I have included original poetry within the work. I spent much time working on how r to do this. The painting also uses a great many ways to create texture using tissue paper and modelling paste. The artwork takes the words of the poems and creates in picture the themes and thoughts creating a work that will create discussion and enhance any space.

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