Marion Adie - Humorous Scottish Ladies using simple form and vibrant colour

Henna Hair - Acrylic - 91x61cm
Rose‘s Tinted Spectacles - Acrylic - 61x61cm
The Swimming Club - Acrylic - 76 x76cm
Sunday Service - Acrylic - 40x152cm
Brolly Dollies - Acrylic - 61x76cm


Marion Adie

It all started as a child. An elderly neighbour asked me to paint a portrait of her. I was absolutely delighted. At the grand old age of 4, I had received my first commission. I proudly presented the picture to her in exchange for a strawberry tart and informed her that the painting was entitled "Lipstick on your teeth" . Since that day she never had lipstick on her teeth again. Shame really.

A 'few' years later, after working in the advertising industry, I decided to pursue my passion.

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  • Mixed Media


  • Lothian


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Recent Exhibitions

Solo exhibition planned for 2011, Edinburgh - details to be confirmed

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The inspiration for my paintings comes from my adoration of old ladies. During my childhood I was surrounded by these matriarchal figures. Formidable ladies not to be messed with - yet kind, generous and very humorous.

Whatever was happening in their, at times, difficult lives, very rarely did you see these ladies with a curl out of place or without their vibrant coloured lipstick. I try to always incorporate both these components.

My use of vibrant, carnival-like colours contrast against the shades of grey that were characteristic of my childhood in Glasgow at the time. I want to represent these upbeat, colourful personalities as I remember them. Thankfully these characters are still with us today.

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