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Catharsis - As a boy, I tried to debate with a maths master ... ...
Crux Osteis - I found a bone on the beach ... ...
Eunoia, - 'beautiful thought' - I like the word.
Warrior - I've known a few.
Form 1 - I often come back to Fibonacci


Keith Mellard B.A. (Hons)

My mother was a painter, so I grew up drawing, painting, modelling and making things as an ordinary part of life. I have had a varied career and spent some years in my native Yorkshire making solid wood, individually designed furniture, which I showed at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate.
I am proud owner of a B.A.(Hons), H.N.D and H.N.C in fine art.
Although I have drawn and painted all my life, I graduated to making three dimensional objects initially in wood and later in stone.
My artistic philosophy is aimed at producing unique objects, that are both designed and made by me, both processes are important to me, this is because I believe that artists owe a debt to craftsmanship, and become better artists through such a praxis. Anyone interested in where I'm coming from should read Adorno's 'An Aesthetic Theory' . However it must be said that I have sympathy with Barnett Newman when he said that to him 'aethetics' must be what ornithology is to birds.
I have lived in Aberdeen for twenty years.

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  • Grampian

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Recent Exhibitions

Exhibitions and Public Works

My work is on show and for sale at the Lost Gallery, Strathdon.
ArtAboyne, Victory Hall, Aboyne, 11 July to 4 Aug 2009. Photographs included
Aberdeen Artists Society annual exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery:-
5 May to 2 June 2007,
3 May to 31 May 2008,
2 May to 30 May 2009.

24th October 2008, The Ruthrieston Stone, a standing stone with Pictish figures, for Ruthrieston Residents Association. The sculpture was unveiled by Lord Provost Peter Stephen of Aberdeen on 24th October 2008. 10th June 2009, My sculpture, Form I, installed and unveiled by Professor Krukowski in the Professor Lockhart Memorial Garden, Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen.

August 2009. The Northfield Cairn Project. I was involved with the community consultation, design of 4 stones to mark main compass points, (North, South, East and West with Gaelic equivalents). This included tuition in simple incised carving to schoolchildren and adults from the district. These stones are each 2 metres by 400 mms by 200 mms. The work was done for Whitespace, Frederick Street, Aberdeen.

2009 I am involved with the design of the Manor Park sculpture project.

Other Information

I have studied art all my life and expect to continue to do so until the end of it.

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