Michael Flynn - Mixed media painter

Uni Cafe on Byres Road - Oil on Canvas - 100cm x 75cm
Cefalu Old Harbour and Town Sicily - 2011 - Acrylic and Sand on Canvas
Todo Modo Cafe Interior Cefalu Sicily - 2011 - Acrylic on Canvas
Ristorante La Brace Cefalu Sicily - 2015 - Oil on Canvas
Ashton Lane 1 - Oil on canvas - 80 x 60cm


Michael Flynn

I worked in the coalmines and carpet industry for 13 years before returning to education and studied Art. In 1995 I graduated with MA in Art History at the University of Glasgow. My work is greatly inspired by French painting and to some extent the German Expressionists. I like to use jazz and instrumental music to convey atmospheric moods and portray scenes with no, or at least few figures in the paintings, which symbolises no or few lyrics in a piece of music.

A video of some of my work can be seen here: Video

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  • Oil, Acrylic, Pastels


  • Strathclyde


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Recent Exhibitions

The Little Café Gallery, Argyle Street, Glasgow
The Grumpy Goat Gastro pub, Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
Ristorante Le Chat Noir Cefalu Sicily
Ristorante La Brace Cefalu Sicily
Todo Modo Café Cefalu Sicily

Other Information

1996 Baird Institute, Cumnock Ayrshire 2D + 3D x 3 Collective exhibition
1996 Kirkton Inn, Dalrymple Ayrshire wall mural
2001 Youth Training Centre Queenslie, Glasgow wall mural
2006 Scotland Street School Museum Glasgow. Portrait of CR Mackintosh
2009 Adam House Edinburgh Collective Charity exhibition
2011 Afton Gallery New Cumnock Ayrshire collective exhibition
2012 Kings Coffee and Books Gallery Dumfries Artist of the month January 2012.

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