Ingrid Nilsson - Illustrative, figurative work in oils

Susi Chevy - Acrylic on Canvas
Antonia's Moment - Oil on Canvas
Dimitry Tin - Acrylic on Canvas Board
The Hostess with Ariadne - Oil on Canvas
Jefferson - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


Ingrid Nilsson

"I have always been drawn to create, paint and weave stories around it all."

A childhood obsessing over illuminated projects led to art college in Norwich and London then work as a freelance illustrator and picture researcher/archivist in the magazine and book publishing industry (Condé Nast, Dorling Kindersley).

I grew up in London, a Swedish father the origin of my Scandinavian name, and travels to Scotland in childhood paved the way for my move there in the mid nineties. For the last fifteen years I have been based in Edinburgh, exhibiting locally and in England.

My paintings are a learning curve that started long ago with tantrums over my inability to translate the images in my head onto paper; I still often feel this way, although gradually I am managing to make the conversion.

Reading, travelling and drawing every day fuel the narrative and suggest new characters, colours, pattern and ideas; paintings tend to appear in collections, delving into a theme before a tangent takes me away on another path.

In 2011 myself and partner Stuart Allan opened Gallery-Cafe 'Bon Papillon' in the heart of Edinburgh's 'art quarter'; I now paint in the gallery where Stuart also has a framing workshop.

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Recent Exhibitions

2014 - September: Moy Mackay Gallery, Peebles - Feature Artist

2014 - July: Number Four Gallery, Summer show

2014 - May/June: Arusha Gallery, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh: group show

2014 - from April: Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan: ongoing gallery artist / Summer show

2013 - November/December: Bon Papillon Winter show

2013 - November: Edinburgh Art Fair (with Lynn Hanley) - Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

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