Elena Kourenkova - Professional self-taught Russian born artist based in Glasgow since 1996. Graduated as an Architect.

My Ever Changing Mood - 65 x 55cm - Oil/Canvas - 2016
Power Games - 60 x 50cm - Oil/Canvas - 2016
He Who Know Everything - 55 x 55cm - Oil/Canvas - 2015
Nobody Ever Seems to Remember That Life is a Game We Play - 55 x 50cm - Oil/canvas - 2015
I Love Not Camping - 70 x 60cm - Oil/Canvas - 2014


Elena Kourenkova

Born in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia, in 1966. Graduated as an Architect in 1989. Moved to Moscow, worked as an Architect until the beginning of Gorbachev's Perestroika, then worked as an interior designer. Moved to Glasgow, UK, in 1996. Worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland and as a manager at Austin Reed , Glasgow. Then, following the sell-out at my first Art show in aid of Age Concern Charity, decided to become full-time artist.

Self-taught, although studied arts as part of degree as an Architect. Exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize Annual exhibitions. Represented by established galleries at the Art Fairs in London, Battersea, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chelsea, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Ireland etc, and self-represented at the Oxford international Art fair February 2016 and the Aberdeen Art Fair, September 2016. I have works in private and corporate collections throughout the UK, Australia, USA, Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Russia. There were a number of articles in local and national press concerning my work and images had appeared in the TV Channel 4's Grand Design. Works exhibited in established galleries throughout the UK. My style-quirky witty figurative, somewhat humorous, somewhat realistic but always colourful.

Growing up under the authoritarian Soviet regime, when ordinary Russians had to wear that drab look of obedience and self-suppression, I had always wanted to escape from that total uniformity and find the way to express my vision of events reflecting happier, lighter take on everyday life. We busy ourselves with tedious tasks that like it or not, need to be done, and forget to simply be happy. I reflect everyday events in a slightly exaggerated way to take off the heaviness and seriousness, there is plenty of both in real life-and I believe in surrounding yourself with things that make you feel better. The important thing after all is to be happy and not to be important. My subjects are loosely based on own experiences and observations - and are therefore recognisable, which often provokes a laugh (much desired effect). My subjects (although at times seemingly emotionally isolated, even when they are clustered in groups) are not lacking emotions, they only express them in their own way. They do not take themselves too seriously, they just go about their business as if no-one is looking. Their self-sufficiency is their freedom... Sometimes my characters might look quite realistic and recognisable, but their grotesque figures make them look ironic-we see one thing but they tell us another. Like many things in life-things are not always the way they seem. In other words, I try to reflect life as we see it but don't always notice. To finish, I'll quote: "Artist must think when he feels and feel when he thinks". At first, these two statements are mutually exclusive. If an artwork is created without this in mind, the end result will inevitably lack the energy and that "something" that makes us want to look at a work of art. How to combine the two? This is something that cannot be taught but is inborn. Russians are guided by their emotions, not by common sense, and this has an effect on all my work (whether I am paying myself a compliment here, I am not sure...). I'm interested in people and interactions between them, what makes us tick, what makes us human..

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Recent Exhibitions

Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art
RGI Kelly gallery
Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize
Home and Interiors Exhibitions, SECC Glasgow
Affordable Art Fairs London, Battersea, Glasgow (GAF), Chelsea, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Oxford
First Contemporary Art Fairs Edinburgh
Karen Tailor Contemporary Fine Art, Twickenham, London
Colomb Art Gallery, Marylebone, London
Enid Lawson Gallery, London
Off The Wall Gallery, Cardiff
Stirling Fine Art Gallery, Stirling
Tony Haig Gallery, Kelso
Hullabaloo Restaurant, Dumfries, solo
Regent Gallery, Somerset, Weston-super-Mare
Rowan Gallery, Drymen, Loch Lomond and Helensburgh
Christo's Gallery, Glasgow
Arteries Gallery, Glasgow
ArtForum Gallery, Milngavie, Glasgow
The Annan Gallery, Glasgow, West End
McGregor Fine Art, Glasgow
Scotlandart.com, Edinburgh and Glasgow
The Sun Gallery, Newburgh,Fife
Hanover Fine Art, Edinburgh
Westminster Gallery, London
Laurel Gallery, Edinburgh
Gallery Luti, Callander
Tolquhon gallery, by Tarves, Aberdeenshire
The Jerdan Gallery, Crail
Alpha art, Edinburgh
Daisy Frame Gallery, Biggar / Dancing Light Gallery, West Linton
Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan
Devorgilla Gallery, Dumfries
The Storm Studies Gallery, Moffat
High Street Gallery, Kirkudbright
Frameworks Gallery, Troon
Macmillans Cancer Relief Charity Exhibition, Glasgow and Edinburgh
Hancel Foundation Art Auctions
Retail Trust Charity Exhibition, Glasgow
Marie Curie Cancer Relief Charity Auction
The Preshal Trust Charity Auction
Children's First Charity Auction
University of Glasgow CHAS and Cancer research Charity Exhibition and Auction
Auction Sale in Aid of Yorkhill Childrens' Hospital
Castle Gallery, Inverness
Sable & Ox gallery,York
Frames Gallery, Artesan Gallery, Perth, and Perth Festival
Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
Tracey McNee Fine Art, Glasgow
The Queens Road Gallery, Aberdeen
e-gallery, Bearsden,
Spring Art Fair, Sweden

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Average Art.com front page competition, winner, October 2016 issue
First-prize award in Daler-Rowney front page competition .
First prize at the 9-th North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition

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