Chick McGeehan - Painter of light and atmosphere inspired by the Clyde Coast and Mediteranian old towns

Autumn Light Lucca - Oil
Morning Light Rothesay - Oil - 40x40cm
Tied Up for the Weekend - Oil - 10x12ins
Sunset Irvine Harbour - Oil
Old Town Nice - Oil - 10x10cm


Chick McGeehan

Studied drawing and painting Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1971-75
Awarded post-graduate scholarship 1976
Examples of work in private collections in the U.K., Norway, Germany, Canada. and Australia
My work is concerned with a variety of subjects. I enjoy working from the human figure both in traditional portraiture and nude studies. Although much of my work is observational it can act as spring-board for the dramas that I like to invent where individuals and couples inhabit a solitary world or act out some unknown relationship often with an element of tension in the air. I also like to study the urban landscape both in an observational context and as background material for other works. Ayrshire skies also make stunning subjects as works in their own right but they too can provide a backdrop for other work. I occasionally work from still life. My interests in blues and jazz have provided me with much inspiration over the years to produce work featuring some of the great jazz and blues artists. I have recently turned to the Ayrshire coast for inspiration and to this end I have embarked on a series of paintings exploring the light and atmosphere of the harbours and the coastline.

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Recent Exhibitions

Dick Institute Open Exhibition and Travelling Exhibition 2004
Claustre San Domingo Inca Majorca - Five North Ayrshire Artists September -October 2004
Overt Gallery 2005/08
North Ayrshire Open 2008

Chick's work can be seen on regular exhibition in local commercial galleries:
Frameworks Gallery Troon
The Castle Gallery Rothesay
Overt Gallery Newmilns

Other Information


Chick was Gallery Director of The Harbour Gallery from 1978-81 during which he introduced the first summer school, the first international exchange with artists in Norway and evening classes at the HAC. During this time Chick also introduced the idea of artists studios in Irvine and brought W.A.S.P.S and Irvine Development Corporation together in order to research possible sites. Many years later Courtyard Studios came to be. Chick taught evening classes throughout the eighties and nineties in St. Andrew's Academy/Ardrossan Academy Further Education centres. Chick has been a teacher of art in North Ayrshire since 1977. He spent his early years teaching in St. Andrew's Academy until he took up his current post as principal teacher of art in Greenwood Academy in 1992.


Chick works as often as possible in his studio and he hopes to build up a body of work and clients leading to a full-time painting career when he retires from teaching in the near future.

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