Richard Whincop - I am a figurative artist based in Glasgow

Consider Phlebas - oil on board - 60 x 42cm
In the Still Hour When My Mind Was Free - oil on board - 36 x 59cm
Journey - oil on board - 45 x 45cm
Eve - oil on board - 88 x 40cm
With Glory and With Light - oil on board - 50 x 50cm


Richard Whincop

Born in 1964 at Fordingbridge in Hampshire, I graduated in English and Art History at the University of York in 1986, and moved to Glasgow in 1988, where I live to this day.
I am currently working on a substantial series of paintings focusing on the relationships between visitors, artworks and architecture in art museums and other public buildings. Since 2005 my work has been regularly exhibited at Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow, OisÍn Gallery, Dublin, and since 2007 at Tracey McNee Fine Art, London.
I have had a very wide range of experience as a self-taught artist, working in a wide variety of styles and media. Between 1996 and 2004 I worked in the Treehaus art & design partnership with designer Fiona Paton, producing commissioned paintings, sculptures and design work for restaurants, bars, clubs and domestic premises throughout Scotland. These included large figurative murals for Corinthian (Ingram Street, Glasgow), and paintings and sculptures for the celebrated Art Deco restaurant Rogano (Exchange Place, Glasgow).
In 1999 I collaborated with astronomer Graham Woan of Glasgow University on the innovative G2V sundial design, which won a GDA award, and as part of the Glasgow Collection was exhibited at Glasgow's Lighthouse Design Centre, and subsequently at the British Embassy in Paris. In the same year my panel designs for Irvine's 'Big Idea' Bridge of Invention Competition were short-listed.

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Recent Exhibitions

Solo shows:

November 2007 - Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow
April 2006 - OisÍn Gallery, Dublin

Selected Art Fairs & other exhibitions:

May 2008 - Paisley Art Institute annual exhibition (winner of Art de Caf award)
March 2008 - The Affordable Art Fair, London
March 2008 - Glasgow Art Fair
November 2007 - Edinburgh Art Fair
October 2007 - Art London art fair
April 2007 - Glasgow Art Fair
November 2006 - Edinburgh Art Fair
June 2006 - Aspect Art prize exhibition, Paisley Art Institute
April 2005 - Glasgow Art Fair

Forthcoming shows:

September 2008 - OisÍn Gallery 30th Anniversary show
November 2008 - Solo show Art de Caf, Glasgow
January 2009 - London Art Fair, Islington (with Gallery One)

Other Information

My recent work looks at what happens when people come face to face with the art and architecture of the past.
My paintings explore our ambivalent relationship with the past, how we connect to or feel alienated by our cultural heritage. In some pictures the juxtaposition of exhibits and gallery visitors brings together the different worlds of past and present, and a clash of values seems to take place; in others, something seems to connect artwork and viewer so that their two worlds become one.
Sometimes the classical architecture of art museums and public buildings can seem like the ghost of a cultural past that lingers on after its time has passed. It enshrines the classical certainties that were once the foundation stone of our culture, but which can today now seem redundant clich├ęs. Yet in a certain light it can seem to come back to life, conveying a sense of timelessness and mystery. In paintings of architecture I seek to capture those moments when the past seems to speak most vocally.
My compositions often create a deliberately restricted view of the figures and settings, making them ambiguous or even unidentifiable. They leave enigmatic clues or hints as to who and where the figures are, and what they are looking at (or not looking at, as the case may be)' like the fragmentary elements of a dream that viewers can piece together into scenarios of their own.

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